Help Us Get Started!

You might be wondering if all this is real. It might seem too good to be true! Or maybe you think we simply aren’t being serious. Well, let me assure you, we are very serious, and AgileInACan is a very real product.

We have laid out a few different sponsorship levels, for which you will receive actual spray cans of “Agile”.

So please, help us get started!

For a mere $10:
You will receive one can of AgileInACan. Good for single teams and small projects.Pledge more and get one more can of AgileInACan for each 10$. *Shipping costs to be defined

For a noble $100:
You will receive a cool dozen cans of AgileInACan. This is a good discount and great for use on larger projects or programs. *Shipping costs to be defined

For a supportive $1000:
You will receive a dozen dozen (144) cans of AgileInACan. This is a great discount and great for organizations who know they are ready to take the dive. Also good for places where the culture is very deep-rooted or resistance to change is unusually firm. *Shipping costs to be defined

For an amazingly appreciated $2500:
You will receive the “Enterprise first year of Agile” package (52 cans), personally delivered by one of the founders. The personal delivery will include one day of consulting to be used as you see fit…and to make sure you make the most of @AgileInACan. Travel and expenses covered separately.

*No shipping if you pick it up personally from one of our founders. Currently they will be found at one of these conferences:
– Agile 2012, Dallas
– Agile CultureConf, Philly
– AgileCoachCamp US, Minneapolis

7 responses

8 08 2012
Kim B

Noticed that not many people have signed up for this yet – perhaps it would be a more desirable product if you included a Zomblatt certification with every can? A single purchase of ‘Agile in a Can’ is more than sufficient for qualification purposes. Kim B @kb2bkb

9 08 2012

Great Idea, Kim! Thank you:-)

9 08 2012
David Koontz

You might have your chemist look at adding a Buckmisterfullerene molecule with a touch of Hawthorne Effect inside. As an additive to the already awesome AgileInACan magic.

Or an alternate would be to use Obecalp (but with lower effective rates).

Imaging the branding opportunities: “NEW and Improved” AgileInACan “Now with Hawthorne Effect” “Caution contains Obecalp – a powerful mind altering drug”

9 08 2012

David, thanks for joining the conversation.
We’ll seriously consider it! Maybe with additives like this canned air might even be legal in CA … 🙂

13 08 2012

Don’t know about buckminsterfullerene or obecalp as my esteemed colleague Koontz suggested, but if it could regrow hair, i might buy some.

13 08 2012
Daniel Mezick

When is the Enterprise Edition available?

15 08 2012
Chris Chan

Where can I attend the Advanced Can Spraying Practioner Class?
I want to learn the best practice for can spraying.

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