A Word From The CEO

7 08 2012

Buy Agile Now

6 08 2012

You’ve always wanted your organisation to be agile:

  • nimble
  • resilient
  • effective

Yet asked yourself where to start?
Learning is expensive.
Experimenting is risky.
Improvement takes time.
How about a shortcut? A quick fix?

Agile in a Can

Agile in a Can

Agile in a Can

Soon you’ll be able to order Agile in a Can. It enables you to get started, quickly. You will see immediate effects.

Risks? Low. It’s just canned air, which doesn’t do any harm as long as you’re not in California.

Costs? Minimal. It’s ten bucks a piece, discounted with larger quantities.

Effective? Immediately. Guaranteed.

Ease of Use? Hard to beat. Take the can, go to the workplace and spray our distilled agility on

  • your developers
  • their task boards (or gantt charts if you don’t sport task boards yet)
  • your developers’ keyboards or phones (only while they’re typing or talking, of course).

To just give you some first ideas. While you’re there, why don’t you start a conversation, find out what blocks them? Spraying the blockers with the developers watching might work wonders!
We will cover distributed use in a later post.